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Why apply for a US Tourist Visa?

• They have 50 National Parks in the US, and Yellowstone National Park is considered the first National Park.
• Many museums and culture centres.
• Has Italian-American and Mexican-American restaurants.
• It is the perfect holiday destination.
• Disneyland, Hollywood, and Casino in Las Vegas and many more entertainment places

The US offers different non-immigrant visas for – business travellers, tourists, family visits, work and work dependents.

• Those planning a short visit to the US – for business or tourism – are required to get a US visitor visa.
•The US visa is applied based on the purpose of visiting.

Types of US Tourist Visa
B-1: Attend a conference, business meetings and Consult with business associates.
B-2: For tourists on vacation and people coming to the US to participate in amateur contests or social events or to get medical treatment.
Transit C: For foreign nationals travelling through the US to another destination, stopping for a short time in the US while on their onward journey.
Transit C-1, D, and C-1/D: For crew members of international airlines or crew members of sea vessels travelling to the US.
H1 and Dependents: The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant work visa that allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers with specialized skills to work in the United States for a specific period. They can apply and travel with dependents.
L1 and Dependents:The L-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa category in the United States for intra-company transfers. It allows multinational companies to temporarily transfer certain employees from their foreign offices to work in the U.S. They can apply and travel with dependents.
J1 and Dependents:The J-1 visa in the United States is for people who wish to participate in work-and-study-based exchange and visitor programs in the U.S. These programs are sponsored by an educational or other nonprofit institution, which must be accredited through the Exchange Visitor Program designated by the U.S. State Department. They can apply and travel with dependents.
Requirements for US Tourist visa
The documentation required for the B2 visa includes:

• Your passport
• Proof of funds
• Letters supporting your reason for visiting the US
• Adequate insurance coverage
• Details of who you are staying with and where
• Air tickets
• Evidence that you will return to your home country
• Financial documents
• Insurance and other supporting documents

Benefits of a US Visit Visa

• Stay for up to 6 months
• Free travel throughout the USA
• Ability to bring along children and dependents
How to apply for a US Tourist Visa from India?

• Step 1: Choose the type of visa you require
• Step 2: Complete the online application
• Step 3: Give your fingerprint and Photo
• Step 4: Submit all documents and DS 160 form
• Step 5: Pay the fees.
• Step 6: Schedule an appointment to submit the form.
• Step 7: Attend a US visa interview
• Step 8: You will get a US tourist visa if eligibility criteria are met.

USA Visa fees

• Your visa application fee is non-refundable, and you cannot transfer it to another person.
• The application fee for the most common non-immigrant visa types is US$185. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas.
• Most petition-based visas, such as work and religious visas, are US$205.

How can Keystone Academy Abroad help you?

Keystone Academy Abroad is one of the world’s leading visa and immigration companies. Our experience and expertise in the USA immigration process make us your partner of choice for your visa application. Our teams will help you with:

• Immigration documents checklist
• Complete application processing
• Forms, documentation & application filing
• Submission of DS-160
• Suggesting the process of Paying the visa fees on the USA website (Application fee: USD 185 or as applicable).
• Booking an appointment for Interviews at the USA Consulate
• Preparing the client to face the Interview at the Consulate
• Updates & Follow-up

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a US Tourist Visa valid for?
The US Tourist Visa (B-1/B-2) is a non-immigrant US Visa. Its validity period ranges from 1 month to 10 years and allows single, double or multiples entries to the US. The period of stay which is a maximum of 6 months is recorded by the Customs and Border Protection officer. This is at the entry port on the Form I-94 of the Visa holder.
The validity period specifies the time period for which the Visa can be used to arrive in the US. The period of stay specifies the duration for which an individual can remain in the US after every single entry.
How long does it take to get US Tourist Visa after the interview?
The exact processing times for a US Tourist Visa vary and are an approximation that can change at any time. Processing times cannot be guaranteed. Non-refundable reservations and tickets must not be bought till the time you obtain all the Passports and Visas.
The holiday seasons have high travel volume. The processing times for Consulates such as the Houston are at least 3 weeks.
General Processing Times
• It will take approximately 3 to 5 working days if the application is made in person
• For PIOs and US nationals requiring reference and all non-US nationals, it will take minimum 1 or 2 weeks for processing
• For all applications that require prior reference check, the processing time for the reference check alone is minimum 1 week
• You will have to add the transit and mailing time both ways when you apply by mail like courier or post

Each immigrant Visa case is unique and so it is tough to estimate the exact processing times of the individual cases. Generally, there are 3 factors that influence the required processing times:
• The time needed to process an application
• Time taken for processing through the Consulate and National Visa Centre
• Time taken for the case to become current
How much money do I need to show for US Tourist Visa?
Officially, there is no limit for the money to be shown for the US Tourist Visa. Any amount that can validate the overall expenses for your US trip must be adequate. This includes to and fro air tickets, medical insurance, boarding, lodging, shopping, etc. It is keeping in mind the duration and purpose of the trip. The higher the amount, the better.
For example, it can be estimated that the cost for a 15-day tour for one person can be around 5000 to 6000 USD. So the equivalent amount of money must be present in your or your sponsor’s bank.
What documents are required for US Tourist Visa?
The mandatory documents needed for the US Tourist Visa are:

• An original passport that has a validity of minimum 6 months after the likely arrival date in the US
• All expired passports
• 1 photograph for every specification, both hard and digital copy is needed
• Confirmation page of the DS – 160 US Visa application form stamped at the VAC – Visa Application Centre
• Valid fee payment receipt
• Printout of the appointment letter for US Visa interview
How can I get a Tourist Visa for the USA?
Applicants of US Tourist Visa must demonstrate that they are eligible as per the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The law’s presumption is that every applicant of a Visitor/Tourist Visa is an intending migrant. Thus, the applicants of this Visa have to overcome this presumption.
Applicants have to demonstrate that they have a home in their nation of origin and they do not intend to abandon it. They must also prove that their intention is to arrive at the US for a limited and specified purpose. The purpose of their tour is to enter the US for medical treatment, tourism, or business.
What are the eligibility requirements for the B-2 visa?
Applicants must meet the following requirements:
• They must prove that their visit will be temporary
• They must indicate their intention to return to their home country at the end of their stay (or any extension)
• They must have a valid foreign passport
• They should have a residence abroad where they intend to return
• They should have enough funds to support themselves financially while in the country
Is a B-2 visa valid on an expired passport?
If your B-2 visa is valid, you can still use it even if you have an expired passport. Do not remove it from your passport. You can still use the visa in your expired passport with your new passport when you want to visit the United States.
What are the restrictions of the D visa?
Since the D visa does not allow you to stay in the U.S, there are several restrictions which you will have to follow with the D visa, you cannot:

• Stay in the U.S for more than the designated time.
• Study in the U.S.
• Find employment in the U.S.
• Extend the D visa.
• Adjust or change the status of the D visa.
• Apply for a Green Card with a D visa.
• Work for another company except the vessel or airline you were in
• Enter and leave the U.S from different dock or airport
• Do longshore work on a D visa
• Re-enter the U.S within 6 months
How long can i stay in the U.S with a D visa?
This is a short duration visa. The visa is valid for a period of a maximum of 29 days or until the date of departure from the U.S whichever is earlier.

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